Welcome back to our herb garden adventure! Bertie here checking in with the progress on our beginner's herb garden. Since planting our first seeds on March 6, the journey has been filled with learning, growth, and a bit of garden whimsy.

While some seeds are still shy to sprout, others have joyfully burst into life. In this update, join me over a cozy cup of tea or coffee, and let’s catch up on the progress of our fragrant companions.

Various pots with herbs and a bunny rabbit statuette on guard!
Our Little Container Herb Garden!

Growth Highlights and Learning Curves

Our initial experiments with grow lights and container planting had mixed results.

I read somewhere that the basil seeds needed to be soaked. So I did! And they looked and felt like frog eggs and were very sticky and hard to separate to plant. Hmmm. Next time, I'll get the plants!

Soaked Thai basil seeds ready to plant

I also made the fatal mistake on planting the tiny thyme seeds with too much moisture. When I discovered mold on top, I knew I had made a critical mistake! I put them outside during the warm sunny days, but the damage was already done. So lesson No. 1 - water from the bottom and don't overwater!

Images showing molded seed trays from over-watering trays.

Lessons learned? I need to begin planting my little seeds much earlier. They would be ready to transplant by now. Nonetheless, the photos below capture the successes we've enjoyed.

I had the best luck with the seed trays of sage and cilantro. A few babies for the Thai basil (enough for my little raised bed), but the dill? - not a peek!

And I know from this experience that when I start my lavender border it will definitely be from plants. The future border remains to be seen, though, at how my lavender plant survives this sandy soil.

Exciting Discoveries at the Herb Garden Show

During our delightful visit to an Herb Garden show, enthusiasm may have gotten the best of me—I came home with a bevy of plants! From lemon balm to French thyme, my garden has expanded beautifully, adding instant diversity and aroma.

Previous Posts to Enhance Your Herb Knowledge

Just in case you missed my earlier herb articles, here are the links so you can catch up!

A Timeline of Tiny Greens

  • March 14: Planted Lavender seeds indoors with grow lights.
  • March 22: Sowed Common Thyme and Thai Basil.
  • April 9: Planted an assortment of Sereniseed seeds, including Italian Oregano and Broad Leaf Sage.
  • April 14: Fixed all of the containers with the plants we purchased at the Herb Garden Event
  • April 26: Filled the raised bed box with soil, seperated the chives and set them out in it; set out in the ground the 2 rosemary plants and the lavender.
The test lavender plant at the beginning of the proposed lavender border
The first lavender plant to test how lavender will grow in my sandy soil!

Our Homemade Raised Bed Box

Raised bed box for herbs marked "Bertie's Herbs"

Our DIY raised bed, painted by Sally and Bolo, is now ready for our seedlings. Filled with a blend of garden soils and situated in an ideal spot, it’s the perfect home for the divided chives and other herbs.

Looking Ahead

Image showing future lavender hedge in backyard

There's much to explore with each herb in our garden. Stay tuned for in-depth articles on each one, and let’s continue to grow together.

The next herb we'll tackle learning all about will be . . . . . .

Thanks for stopping by our beehive and reading about our herb gardening fun and experiences!


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