Do you love waffles?

Of course you do! Who doesn’t love a delicious, crispy, golden waffle? And the best way to make them is with removable plates that are easy to clean.

Imagine never having to scrub gunky batter off of your waffle maker again. With removeable irons, all you have to do is remove the plates and pop them in the dishwasher. It doesn’t get much easier than that. And another great benefit is that you won’t get water inside your waffle maker trying to clean it, risking a safety hazard.

It's so much fun to cook waffles on a lazy morning when you have extra time.  Gather the kids and let them help out and you'll be making memories for a lifetime!  And plan on making a whole bunch of them for the freezer so you can enjoy them any morning even when the rush is on!

If you are in the market for a new waffle iron, here are the five best with removable plates.  Our blog will  help enlighten you on the latest of these amazing helpful kitchen tools.

How We Chose the 5 Best Waffle Irons with Removeable Plates

We just love waffles! We can eat them anytime of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!  Cooking waffles from scratch can be a daunting task.  It can be tough to make perfect waffles every time, and sometimes it's just easier to go out for breakfast.  What?  Miss out on all that fun of making waffles?  No way!

So, our team here at Bertie’s Buzz decided to review one of our favorite small appliances for the kitchen. We poured over all of the reviews and research we could find on waffle irons with removeable plates, so you won’t have to.  With one of these top-rated waffle makers, you'll be able to make delicious, fluffy waffles in your own kitchen in no time!  And, with removeable plates, clean-up can be a breeze.

See below in our FAQ section for a really tasty waffle recipe to cook up those yummy delectable!

A Waffle Iron Also Boasting Pancake Plates

Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates

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We Love It Because:

Looking for an appliance that can do it all? Say hello to the Cuisinart WAF-300P1 Belgian Waffle Maker with Pancake Plates! This handy unit comes with removable plates that are dishwasher safe, so cleanup is a breeze. Plus, the pancake plates have 4 quarters so you can make delicious pancakes in a snap.  And you can cook sausage, eggs, or Canadian bacon in the separate divisions.

If waffles are more your style though, no problem! The WAF-300P1 offers 6 settings for browning, so you can make them just the way you like. But the best part of this appliance is how easy it is to use. Whether you're cooking waffles or pancakes, the WAF-300P1 is sure to make breakfast time a breeze.

What’s Good to Know

This waffle maker has red and green indicator lights that let you know when the unit is heating up and when it's ready to cook, so you'll never have to guess when your waffles are done.

It also features 1-inch batter pockets that are perfect for making fluffy, large Belgian waffles.

The bottom pancake plate has 4 divisions that are perfect for cooking 4 separate pancakes, sausage, eggs, or Canadian bacon.

The Cuisinart WAF-300P1 has a brushed stainless steel finish.  Plus, it can stand on its edge for easy storage. It also comes with an instruction manual and recipe booklet to get you started, and it offers a limited 3-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, this Cuisinart Waffle Maker is a great choice for anyone who loves fresh, homemade waffles with deep pockets.

This One Can Grill, Griddle, and Make Waffles!

BLACK+DECKER G48TD Waffle Maker with Reversible Plates

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We Love It Because:

The BLACK+DECKER G48TD Waffle Maker with Reversible Plates is the perfect device for those who love versatility and convenience.

This 3-in-1 appliance can grill, griddle, and make waffles, making it perfect for any meal or occasion.

The 180 degree hinge means that it can open up to a flat griddle, allowing you to cook for four people at once. When opened all the way, you can fit eight servings on the griddle, making this the perfect appliance for large gatherings.

Non-stick cooking plates make clean-up a breeze, while the sleek stainless steel  design ensures that this appliance will look great on any countertop.

Whether you're making breakfast for the kids or entertaining guests, the BLACK+DECKER G48TD Waffle Maker with Reversible Plates is sure to become your new kitchen favorite.

What’s Good to Know

The Black + Decker G48TD is a great waffle maker that is easy to use and clean.

It also stands upright for easy storage and offers variable heat control so you can make your waffles as crispy or soft as you like them.

Note, though, the batter pockets are not as deep as for Belgian waffles.. They are still deep enough to hold a good amount of your waffle mix, but you will not get the Belgian waffle size.

European-Style and Ceramic Plates

Hamilton Beach 26031 Belgian Waffle Maker with Removeable Nonstick Plates

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We Love It Because:

Looking for a durable and long-lasting waffle maker that can produce delicious Belgian waffles? Look no further than the Hamilton Beach 26031 Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Nonstick Plates.

Featuring ceramic plates that are more durable than regular nonstick grids, this waffle maker is built to last. It also produces great tasting waffles that are thick and fluffy, thanks to its flipping action.

And if you ever overfill it, no worries - there's a drip tray to catch any overflows. Plus, you can customize your waffles with the adjustable browning control, so you can make them as light or crispy as you like.

Whether you're a waffle aficionado or just getting started, this European-style waffle maker is sure to please.

What’s Good to Know

The Hamilton Beach 26031 Belgian Waffle Maker is a high-quality appliance that can help you make delicious waffles at home.

The durable design and ceramic plates make it a long-lasting investment, and the easy-to-use controls mean that you can get perfect waffles every time.

Just be sure to read the directions before use and preheat the waffle maker before cooking. Once you've mastered the basics, you can experiment with different toppings and fillings to create your own signature waffles.

And when you're finished, the dishwasher-safe ceramic plates make cleanup a breeze. So whether you're a weekend warrior or a weekday breakfast enthusiast, the Hamilton Beach 26031 Belgian Waffle Maker is sure to be a valuable addition to your kitchen.

Dedicated Solely To Making Waffles

KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

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We Love It Because:

The KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates is the perfect kitchen appliance for anyone who loves freshly made waffles. This waffle maker can make up to four nice-sized waffles at a time, and they have deep pockets to hold all your favorite toppings and condiments. With five different browning levels, you can customize your waffles to be as light or dark as you like. Plus, the audible beep lets you know when the waffles are done cooking, so you'll never have to worry about them being overcooked or burnt. And when you're finished using it, the cord wrap makes for easy storage. So go ahead and indulge in your love of fresh waffles with the KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates.

What’s Good to Know

The Krups Belgian Waffle Maker is a great choice for those who enjoy freshly made waffles.

The Krups is easy to clean, with dishwasher safe removable plates. It also has a handle lock and can be stored upright, taking up less space in your kitchen.

The Krups Belgian Waffle Maker is dedicated solely to making waffles and does not have pancake or griddle plates. The red and green indicator lights let you know when it is On, Ready for batter, and Done.

One recommendation is that you continue cooking a few more minutes after green light comes on and very little if any steam is escaping for nice golden and crisp waffles.  Another reviewer stated the handle also gets a little hot but doesn't preclude using it.

If you're looking for a delicious way to start your morning or impress your guests at brunch, this Krups Belgian Waffle Maker is worth considering.

Good Value - Makes 4 Waffles At A Time

Elechomes Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates

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We Love It Because:

The Elechomes Belgian Waffle Maker with Removable Plates is a great choice for people who want to make waffles without spending a lot of money.

This waffle maker makes four waffles at a time, so you can make enough for the whole family. It also has five settings for browning control, so you can make your waffles as light or dark as you like.

The wrap-around plates handle any accidental overfills, and the storage latch makes it easy to store the waffle maker when you're done using it.

What’s Good to Know:

The Elechomes Waffle Maker is a great addition to any kitchen. It's easy to use and clean up is a breeze with the non-stick removable plates.

The handle is heat-proof and stays cool to the touch, making it safe and easy to use.

The waffle maker comes with 19 delicious Belgian waffle recipes, so you can make a variety of tasty treats.

It is a dedicated waffle iron so there are no griddle plates.

Whether you're making breakfast for yourself or hosting a brunch for friends and family, the Elechomes Waffle Maker is sure to please.

Bertie's FAQ & Guide Section

  Bertie's FAQ & Guide Section

Check out our FAQ section below for answers to the most common questions we found during our research about waffles and waffle irons in general.   Some of the questions may surprise you!

Which is better – a Belgian waffle maker or a regular waffle maker?

There is no definitive answer to this question. It really depends on your personal preferences. Some people prefer the light and fluffy texture of a Belgian waffle, while others prefer the crispiness of a regular waffle. Ultimately, it comes down to what you like best.

A lot of folks enjoy a Belgian waffle maker and say it is better because the deeper pockets make it easier to stuff with whipped cream, fruit, or chocolate sauce. Plus, they just taste better stuffed with all those goodies!

What should I look for when buying a waffle maker?

When looking for a waffle maker, you should consider the following factors:

-Type of Waffle Maker: There are two types of waffle makers - Belgian and American. Belgian waffles tend to be thicker and have deeper pockets, while American waffles are thinner and have more shallow pockets.

-Settings: Some waffle makers come with multiple settings, so you can choose between making thick or thin waffles. Others allow you to adjust the cooking time, so you can make your waffles as crispy or fluffy as you like.

-Non-Stick Coating: A non-stick coating is important, because it prevents the batter from sticking to the plates and makes cleaning much easier. Check out our article about the materials waffle irons can be made of.

-Warranty: Compare warranties offered for each waffle maker you are interested in purchasing.

What’s the point of waffle makers that flip?

The purpose of a waffle maker that flips is to ensure even cooking.. Additionally, flipping allows for both sides of the waffle to be cooked evenly. This results in a more consistent product overall.

In short, waffle makers that flip produce better quality waffles due to even cooking and consistent results. If you are looking for a delicious breakfast treat with even cooking, be sure to choose a model that features flipping ability!

What’s the difference in a waffle iron and a waffle maker?

While most folks use the terms interchangeably, there are some key differences in terms of the design and construction of each appliance.

A waffle iron is typically heavier and has deeper indentations in the cooking plates, which results in thicker and more fluffy waffles. A waffle maker, on the other hand, tends to be smaller and lighter, with shallow indentations that produce crispy and thin waffles.

Should waffle batter be lumpy or smooth?

There's no right or wrong answer to this question, it all depends on your preference. Some people prefer waffle batter that is smooth and free of any lumps, while others prefer a more lumpy batter. 

Smooth batter will give you waffles that are light and fluffy, while a more lumpy batter will give you waffles with a richer flavor and slightly chewier texture. So it really comes down to personal preference. 

Try out both methods and see which one you like better!

Is pancake mix and waffle mix the same thing?

They are not the same thing, but they are both made with flour, baking powder, sugar, salt, and eggs. Pancake mix is usually thicker than waffle mix and typically contains more leavening (baking powder). Waffle mix usually contains cornstarch which helps make a lighter waffle.

What is a good recipe for waffle batter?

There are many great recipes available for waffles. Check our our article "Basic Recipe for Yummy Waffles. Use this recipe and your imagination for condiments to have some delicious waffles. You can also make a batch to put in the freezer for a quick breakfast or snack!

What does adding an egg to waffle mix do?

Adding an egg to waffle mix helps to create a light and fluffy waffle. The egg whites add volume and help to leaven the batter, while the yolk provides richness and flavor.

Why do some people throw away the first waffle?

Some folks like to throw away the first waffle on a brand new waffle maker because of the possible residue of manufacturing process. And, a lot of people discard the first waffle all the time because it is often not as fluffy and light as the subsequent waffles. With each waffle, more batter is added to the iron, so the first waffle is thinner and less cooked than the ones that follow. Just a matter of what you personally choose to do.

Should I let my waffle batter sit?

If you're in a hurry, go ahead and make the waffles right away. However, letting the batter sit for a while (30 minutes to an hour) will result in lighter and crisper waffles. This is because the leavening agents (baking powder and soda) will have more time to work their magic, causing the batter to rise and creating air pockets that will give your waffles a nice light texture.

What is the Elvis waffle?

The Elvis waffle is a savory breakfast dish made from two waffles, one slice of bacon, one fried egg, and one tablespoon of peanut butter. The bacon and egg are placed inside the waffles, and then the peanut butter is spread on top. Some variations also include honey or maple syrup.

There you  have it!

Thank you for reading our review on the five best waffle makers that have removable plates on the market today! We gave you several different options of the top-ranked ones to choose from, depending on your individual preferences.

Waffle making is a fun activity for the whole family, and with the help of one of these great waffle makers, you can have delicious waffles any time you want!

FYI - Bertie's Buzz actually preferred the flexibility of the Black + Decker Waffle Maker that offers a 180 degree griddle as well as a waffle maker. However, if you are interested in Belgian waffles, we highly recommend the Cuisinart WAF-3—P1 that also has the pancake plates. That being said, any one of the five we reviewed will give you great waffles!  Happy cooking!

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