Are you looking for the best Puck Lights to light up your home? Do you want to know what products are the right choice and make sure you get the most value out of them?

Look no further, because we've got all the tips and tricks you need to find the best puck lights for kitchen use, closet use, display case use, or just about anywhere extra lighting is needed!

From understanding their features and benefits, to discovering the best options available on the market – we'll guide you through all the steps of getting the perfect puck lights for your kitchen or home. We also have another great article on other types of kitchen lighting and pendant lights for kitchen islands you might enjoy reading.

So come join us and unlock the secrets of finding the best puck lights!

How We Chose The Best Puck Lights

Whether you're new to the market for puck lights or an experienced veteran, we understand that it can be overwhelming trying to find the best option. That's why our team of expert reviewers has spent time researching the top products on the market so that you don't have to!

With our comprehensive guide, you'll be sure to find the right lights for your needs without wasting time or money on products that won't work. So what are you waiting for? Check out our guide today and get shopping! You'll be glad you did!

Bertie's Guide to Puck Lights

Kitchen lighting is a key part of any home, and puck lights can be an affordable and practical solution for many of your kitchen needs. Puck lights are small, round lights that are designed to easily fit into tight spaces and provide bright illumination.

They can be used under cabinets, inside cupboards, or even in shelves or drawers to add depth to your kitchen. Not only can they help you illuminate your worktop, but they can also help transform the overall look of your kitchen.

Puck lights are versatile and can be used in a variety of ways. They're great for providing task lighting, as they can be easily installed and moved around depending on your needs. They can also help create an ambient atmosphere, as the soft illumination will create a warm and cozy vibe in your kitchen.

Additionally, puck lights are often energy efficient and require minimal maintenance, making them a great choice for those looking to save money on their energy bills long-term.

Moreover, when paired with a dimmer switch or remote control, you can manage the intensity of the light to fit any mood or occasion – perfect for entertaining guests! With so many advantages when it comes to kitchen lighting, finding the right puck light could make all the difference in creating your dream kitchen.

In this guide, we'll take a closer look at some of the best puck lights currently available on Amazon. We'll examine their features and benefits as well as providing reviews of the four top-rated options so you can make an informed choice when it comes to enhancing your kitchen lighting. Read on to learn more about getting the perfect puck light for your home!

We also published an article: Kitchen Lighting Tips: Ideas for Replacing Fluorescent Lighting Boxes that will give you other ideas about upgrading your kitchen lighting!


Helplex 6-Pack Puck Lights

Features a Larger Light-Emitting Area!

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We Chose This One Because:

The Helplex 6-Pack Puck Lights is the ideal way to brighten up your abode! These wireless under-cabinet lights are incredibly bright and long-lasting, making them a great choice for any space!

With each puck measuring 3 inches in diameter, the larger light-emitting area provides enhanced brightness and visibility.

The convenient touch area is easy and comfortable to reach, allowing you to switch it on and off quickly. Plus, this product is Amazon's Choice for a reason, as customers have found it to be high quality with excellent performance. Make your home shine brighter with the Helplex 6-Pack Puck Lights!

Helplex Puck Lights
Helplex Puck Lights

What’s Good To Know!

The Helplex 6-Pack Puck Lights offer high-quality LED lighting with 16 color schemes and 10 luminosity levels, giving you a wide range of options to choose from. With the supplied remote controls, you can set your favorite color shine or adjust the brightness level as desired.

This package includes:

  • Six LED Puck Lights
  • Six pieces of 3M Adhesive Pads
  • Two Remote Controls
  • One User Manual

This is everything you need to get started except the batteries. To power the LED lights three AA alkaline batteries for each light are required and are not included in the package.

Brilliant Evolution

Brilliant Evolution 6-Pack Puck Lights

Touch Sensitive Design!

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We Chose This One Because:

Welcome to the world of convenience with Brilliant Evolution's 6-Pack Puck Lights! Installing in seconds with either the heavy-duty adhesive tape or screws (both options included), these puck lights make it easy to turn on and off, adjust the brightness and set a timer with just a simple press of a button.

These battery powered lights measure 3.4" in diameter (batteries included.) Plus, their touch-sensitive design makes it extra simple to turn them on and off with just a tap of the lens. Make life easier and brighter with Brilliant Evolution's 6-Pack Puck Lights!

Brilliant Evolution Puck Lights
Brilliant Evolution Puck Lights

What’s Good To Know!

The Brilliant Evolution 6-Pack is a great way to have led lighting under cabinets, display cases, closets, and any other area of your home. The built-in dimmer allows you to customize the level of brightness from 50% - 100% while remotely controlling them allows you to turn them on/off up to 15 feet away.

This convenient package includes:

  • one remote control
  • 18 batteries
  • screws and adhesive tape for easy installation.
  • 6 LED lights


Star-Spangled 5-Pack Mini Puck Lights

Small Enough To Fit Anywhere!

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We Chose This One Because:

These Star-Spangled Mini Puck Led Lights are the perfect addition to any room! With a diameter of only 2.76", they're small enough to fit almost anywhere and come in a pack of 5. Choose from warm white or three other colors for the perfect mood lighting.

Simply tap the center lens of each light to turn them on or off, creating a soft and comfortable atmosphere. These mini-lights are an easy way to customize your space without taking up too much room!

5 Star-Spangled Mini Puck Lights

What’s Good To Know!

These Star-Spangled Mini Puck LED Lights are a great choice for creating an effective and attractive ambient light in any room. They are battery powered lights with 3 AAA batteries each but the batteries are not included and must be purchased separately.

These mini puck lights come in a package with 5 LED Push Lights along with strong adhesive tape and a user manual.

If you're looking for additional led lighting, this product is the ideal solution! It adds an extra layer of light to shelves, drawers, cabinets and more. Installation is easy and fast, allowing you to create a customized lighting solution with ease.


Aiboo Linkable 12V Puck Lights

Hardwire or Plug-In - Your Choice!

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We Chose This One Because:

Prefer the hardwire solution for your puck lights? Then the Aiboo Linkable 12V Puck Lights for under cabinet lighting are the best solution for adding light to any kitchen, closet or pantry. With the special features of 10 brightness levels and two ways of installation - hardwired or plug in - you can easily customize your lighting experience.

The included remote control set allows you to switch between different lightness levels with just a few clicks. So whether you’re looking to create a cozy atmosphere with ambient light or need intense task lighting, these lights will get the job done! Give your home an effortless upgrade with Aiboo Linkable 12V Puck Lights.

String of Aiboo Linkable 12V Puck Lights

What’s Good To Know!

This product, the Aiboo Linkable 12V Puck Lights, is an ideal choice for anyone looking to add subtle lighting beneath their cabinets. Not only are they nearly invisible, but they also offer installation flexibility with either hardwiring or a wall plug option for your under cabinet lighting.

Each light measures 2.3" in diameter and just .3" thin, and additional lights can be added as needed. To make things even easier, the remote control can control different sets of lights if you add on.

You can also conveniently control the brightness of your lights with ease using the remote—from 0% to 100%, it's all at the touch of a button! Additionally, when you want to add some excitement and flair for celebrations or holidays, just switch into blinking mode!

Bertie's FAQ & Guide Section

Bertie's FAQ Section

Do you have questions about Puck Lights? We've got your covered! Our collection of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is here to help. We ran across an unusual amount of questions in our research so we hope they will be beneficial to you.

How long do puck lights stay on?

Puck lights typically have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, depending on the quality and type of light used. They can be set to stay on indefinitely, or they may feature a timer that allows them to turn off after a certain period of time has passed.

What are the benefits of puck lights?

The benefits of puck lights include their energy efficiency, versatility, and long lifespan. They also provide a low-profile lighting solution ideal for hard-to-reach areas or tight spaces where traditional overhead lighting would be difficult to install. Furthermore, they are available in a range of colors and intensities to help create the desired ambiance.

How well do puck lights work?

Puck lights are highly efficient, providing bright and consistent illumination in any area where they are installed. They also boast a long lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, making them an ideal lighting solution for both residential and commercial applications alike.

Do LED puck lights get hot?

No, LED puck lights do not get hot. They are highly energy efficient and generate very little heat, making them a safe and comfortable choice for both indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Why do puck lights flicker?

Puck lights may sometimes flicker due to a loose connection, incorrect power source, or defective components. To avoid flickering, it is important to ensure that all connections are secure and use the correct power supply for your puck light.

How do you install puck lights?

The puck lights we reviewed (except for the Aiboo) are easily installed by strong adhesive tape since they are battery operated. Hardwired models typically involve connecting them to a power source through wiring and then mounting them in the desired location.

Where should puck lights be placed?

Puck lights can be placed in a variety of locations, depending on the desired effect. Generally speaking, they should be installed in areas where focused and ambient lighting is desired such as kitchen cabinets, bookcases, closets, or hallways. Additionally, puck lights are perfect for accenting artwork or highlighting architectural features.

How many puck lights per room?

The number of puck lights needed for a room will depend on the size and layout of the space, as well as the desired level of brightness. Generally speaking, it is recommended to use two or three puck lights per 10 square feet of floor space for an evenly distributed light source.

How far apart should LED puck lights be?

It is recommended to space LED cabinet puck lights approximately 3–4 feet apart from one another for optimal brightness and coverage. Additionally, adjusting the angle of the light will help to achieve an even spread of illumination throughout a room.

How are puck lights powered?

Puck lights can be powered either by batteries or hard-wiring them to an AC power source. Battery operated puck lights offer the added convenience of being installed without requiring any additional wiring, while wired models provide a more permanent lighting solution with a greater range of customization options.

How much do puck lights cost?

Puck lights can cost anywhere between $10-$100, depending on the type and quality of light used. Battery-operated models tend to be more affordable than wired puck lights with a wider range of customization options.

Can I just buy one puck light?

Yes you can. Here is a link to purchase just a single puck light: Brilliant Evolution LED Puck Light

Are puck lights dimmable?

Yes, many puck lights are dimmable, allowing you to adjust the level of brightness in an area to suit your preferences. Dimmable puck lights will typically require a compatible dimmer switch and power supply to enable this feature if they are hardwired. Most, however, come with a remote control.

What type of lighting do Progress and Maxim Lighting offer?

Both Progress Lighting and Maxim Lighting specialize in beautiful chandeliers as well as flush lighting that is more of ceiling light than a small puck light.

Can puck lights be used outdoors?

Yes, many puck lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications. When using them outside, it is important to select a model specifically rated for outdoor use, as this will ensure that it is able to withstand the elements and provide reliable illumination.

Are puck lights energy efficient?

Yes, LED puck lights are highly energy efficient and have an Energy Star rating of Class A and use up to 85% less electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs. This makes them an ideal choice for both residential and commercial applications, as they help to reduce energy costs while providing bright, long-lasting illumination. Always check the manufacturer's label for this information.

Do LED puck lights need a transformer?

Yes, LED puck lights may require a transformer to operate, depending on the type of power source used. Transformers help to regulate the amount of voltage going into the light and should be compatible with your specific model for optimal performance.

Do WAC Lighting and DALS Lighting offer puck lights?

Yes, these companies offer puck lighting on Amazon. However, the products did not have enough qualified reviewers for us to consider adding them to our reviews.

How deep are puck lights?

Most puck lights are typically 2–3 inches deep, although the exact size will vary depending on the model. Hardwired models may be larger due to their need for a power supply. However the Aiboo model we reviewed is very slender at just .3" thin.

Conclusion: The Best Puck Lights For You

We hope this blog post has helped you find the best puck lights for your needs. Whether you need under cabinet lighting or lighting for display cabinets or closets, there's sure to be a puck light out there that fits the bill. Our review of four of the best selling offers several options so you should have no trouble finding one that suits your budget and space requirements.

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