Bertie's Complete Guide to Upgrading Your Kitchen Lighting - Let's Lighten Things Up!"

The need for better kitchen lighting

Replacing old kitchen fluorescent lighting boxes in favor of modern, more efficient lighting can be a great way to breathe new life into your kitchen. Whether you opt for recessed ceiling lighting, under cabinet lighting, or track lighting, upgrading to modern lighting will not only reduce energy usage and save money, but it'll also give your home a sleek and stylish aesthetic.

If you're looking to make the switch from outdated fluorescent lighting to modern alternatives, there are few factors that should be taken into consideration before starting the project.

First, consider the space available in your kitchen when picking out light fixtures; if you're working with tight quarters, opt for smaller light fixtures such as LED tape lights or low-profile ceiling lights.

Additionally, look at the type of work that needs to be done in order to install the new lights. The wiring process may vary depending on what type of light fixture you choose—if necessary, it's best to hire an experienced electrician for help with this task.

At first, choosing a type of light fixture might seem daunting, but luckily there are plenty of options available. From sleek and modern to traditional and cozy, these ideas will help you find the perfect replacements for the fluorescent kitchen light fixture so you can upgrade your cooking space.

Lets say you need to replace the whole fluorescent lighting fixture. Frankly, the rectangular light scheme is obsolete and you need to ensure that your kitchen mirrors your taste. You need light in all corners of your kitchen and maybe the overhead lights you not have just aren't not enough.

When choosing replacement light fixtures for your kitchen, consider which types would best suit your needs while keeping up with current trends—the options are nearly limitless! Recessed ceiling lights provide a great source of ambient light throughout the room while track lighting (see image below) creates accent points that illuminate certain areas/items within a space while drawing attention away from other areas.

Under cabinet lights (see image below) are highly energy efficient due to low temperatures they emit and can add subtle illumination without making drastic changes to how your kitchen looks overall.

If looking for an even sleeker option than recessed ceiling lights, try slim profile LED tape lights which are easy-to-install via adhesive backing—perfect for saving time during preparation of installation tasks!

Removing the Existing Fluorescent Box

Before purchasing any new light fixtures, it's important to first remove the existing fluorescent box. To do so safely and efficiently requires some skill and caution:

  • For safety reasons, disconnect power from the fixture before beginning work. Be sure to turn off the power at the circuit box, not just the light switch.
  • Next, remove the plastic shade and the long tubular light bulbs being very careful not to break the bulbs.
  • Now the metal cover must be carefully removed to expose the wiring which is hopefully at the center of the fixture.
  • Be sure the power is still off at the circuit breaker box! Next uncrew the wire caps connecting the wiring in the box to the ceiling wiring.
  • Now all you have to do is remove the metal fixture - it most likely is attached to the ceiling on either end by a couple of screws.
  • What you do next depends on what you are replacing the old fluorescent light fixture with.
  • We opted for some beautiful track lighting so holes had to be spackled and the ceiling had to be painted to cover the old space where the box had been located.
  • If you don't want to put a light fixture back, you can also opt to put a nice ceiling fan there or cover the hole entirely which will involve drywalling the patch.
  • And if all this sounds too complicated and uncomfortable, you can always hire an electrical worker to do the electrical part.

Hmmm! What kind of replacement lighting?

Many homes now prefer LED lighting, since it has a longer lifetime. The light sources are energy-efficient as compared with others. You can use LEDs in any kitchen to emit warm glows while keeping you free from excessive energy use. If you prefer not to replace the entire old fluorescent fixture, you can simply replace the fluorescent bulbs with LED tube lights.

Installing A Pendant Light Fixture In Its Place

There are many beautiful modern pendant lights for kitchens. By hanging pendants, you can bring the lights down to an ideal level - just above head height.

Example of Pendant Light
Example of Pendant Light

Pendants present a wide array of options, but they also offer a secret tool for creating the illusion of greater space - their stems. If you suspend your pendant lights at a lower level, then the extended stems will make people feel like the room is larger and limitless.

Kitchen Track Lighting

Replacing traditional central lighting with adjustable, task-oriented fixtures enables you to easily direct the illumination exactly where it is most needed. We installed track lighting in our kitchen upgrade and the directional task lighting is awesome! See the images below of Bertie's own tracking lighting upgrade!

Bertie's New Track Lights
Bertie's New Track Lights
Bertie's Track Lights with Fan
Bertie's Track Lights with Fan

Add undercabinet lighting

Undercabinet illumination gives light where needed most and are often called task lighting. Your body often blocks light through recessed ceiling fixtures, blocking them from securing the countertop. To prevent darkness, put lights underneath the upper cabinet lights in this cabinet.

Example of Under Cabinet Lighting
Example of Under Cabinet Lighting

Consider recessed lighting fixtures

When you want to make sure your kitchen is sufficiently illuminated without detracting from the natural sunlight, recessed lights are an ideal option. These attractive fixtures, also know as can lights, offer timeless style and reliable functionality as they discreetly line your ceiling for a bright atmosphere in any culinary space. For busy kitchens that need plenty of light, recessed lights are truly the perfect lighting solution.

Example of Recessed Lighting
Example of Recessed Lighting

Flush-Mount Ceiling Fixtures

Flush-mount ceiling fixtures can light up any kitchen, providing bright and even illumination to every corner. Not only that but placing them near doorways will make it easy for you to step into a well-lit room from the get-go!

On the other hand, if your countertop space requires more focused lighting while you work on projects or cook meals – under-counter lights are perfect. With their strategic placement in just the right spots, they'll give off a warm glow that helps make sure nothing is left in the shadows.

Make the Most of Natural Light

Let natural light brighten your kitchen - open up to the sunshine! If you're lucky enough to have windows, that's terrific. Sunlight can banish even the gloomiest of days and give your space a wonderful glow.

Example of Natural Light with Pendants and Flush Mounted Lights
Example of Natural Light with Pendants and Flush Mounted Lights

For those kitchens without large windows, never fear: recessed lighting is an excellent choice for providing natural illumination comparable to direct sunlight. With just a few bulbs, you'll be able to recreate daylight in any room at any time!

Bertie's FAQ & Guide Section

Bertie's FAQ Section for Upgrading Your Kitchen Lighting

Why should I upgrade my kitchen lighting?

Upgrading your kitchen lighting will reduce energy consumption, allowing you to save money, while also providing a more modern and elegant aesthetic.

What type of light fixtures should I consider when replacing my old kitchen fluorescent lighting?

When upgrading your old kitchen fluorescent lighting, consider recessed ceiling lights, under cabinet lighting, track lighting or slim profile LED tape lights. Each option has its own advantages and characteristics that can add a unique touch to any kitchen space.

Is it difficult to install new light fixtures in the kitchen?

Installing new light fixtures in the kitchen does require some skill and caution but is not necessarily difficult if done correctly. To ensure safety during the process it is best to have an experienced electrician professionally assist you with the wiring.

How do I remove my existing fluorescent box safely?

Read how to do this in our guide above. If you are not comfortable in working with electricity, get an experienced person to help you.

What types of lights are the most energy efficient?

Under cabinet lights are among the most energy efficient as they emit low temperatures and provide subtle illumination without drastically changing how your kitchen looks overall.

Are there any tips for selecting replacement light fixtures for my kitchen?

As stated in our guide earlier, consider the size of available space when choosing new light fixtures; if working with tight quarters opt for smaller ones such as LED tape lights or low-profile ceiling lights. Additionally, research different installation methods depending on which type of light fixture you choose—if necessary, hiring an experienced electrician could be beneficial for assistance with wiring processes.

What are some potential hazards associated with removing/installing new light fixtures in a home environment?

It's important to take safety measures when removing and installing new light fixtures to avoid potential incidents or injuries caused by electricity hazards within a home environment. Always err on the side of caution before working with electricity and hire an electrician if you are not familiar with it.

How do I know if my existing light fixtures are outdated?

Usually outdated lighting fixtures can be identified by their slightly yellowish/dimly lit glow and reduced levels of brightness compared to more modern counterparts with bright lighting. The old fluorescent light boxes have been replaced by more modern LED fixtures.

Is it cost-effective to upgrade kitchen lighting?

Yes, while it is an initial investment, upgrading your kitchen lighting by replacing fluorescent light fixtures can save you money in the long run due to the increased energy efficiency that comes with more modern solutions.

What kind of maintenance do modern kitchen lights require?

Modern kitchen lights require minimal maintenance and upkeep but should still be checked periodically for dust buildup or any signs of damage in order to prolong their lifespan. If a fixture does not seem to be functioning correctly, professional help may be needed to identify the problem and make sure it is corrected safely.

Are there any benefits associated with having multiple sources of lighting in the kitchen?

Yes! Having multiple sources of light in your kitchen can create different moods depending on what type you choose—for example, task-specific recessed ceiling or under cabinet lighting in the cooking area complemented by dimmer ambient overhead lighting or wall sconces above a dining table can give your space a dramatic yet inviting feel.

In conclusion, no matter which type of kitchen lights to replace fluorescent lighting you choose for your kitchen remodel project, safety measures must be taken during the removal and installation processes to avoid any potential incidents or injuries caused by electricity hazards within a home environment.

With proper consideration taken when selecting appropriate light fixtures according to size/type needed as well as researching more about safe removal/installation methods before starting work on incorporating new luxury designs into your kitchen space—the results can turn an outdated kitchen into something much more pleasant!

Taking the time to update your kitchen's lighting fixtures with modern, more energy efficient and stylish options can make a huge difference in both the look and feel of your space! From recessed ceiling lights to slim-profile LED tape lights and track lights to under cabinet lighting, there are numerous options for you to choose from that will not only allow you to save energy and money but also give your kitchen an elegant touch.

With some research done ahead of time regarding safe removal/installation methods as well as thoughtful consideration taken when selecting appropriate light fixtures based on size/type needed—upgrading your lighting can be a fun and rewarding experience!

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