Imagine walking into a room adorned with cozy pillows, elegant chairs, and curvy couches, all draped in a soft, textured fabric that immediately invites you to sink into its embrace.

This is the allure of bouclé fabric, a material that has captured the hearts of designers and homeowners alike, trending for many years as a favorite fabric.

In this comprehensive guide, you’ll discover the unique characteristics of bouclé, its fascinating history, and practical tips on choosing and caring for this versatile fabric. But first, let’s answer the question: what is bouclé fabric?

Prepare to be captivated by the world of bouclé!

Key Takeaways

  • Discover the unique qualities of Bouclé fabric, including its texture, durability and sound absorption capabilities.
  • Learn how to select and care for your Bouclé fabrics in fashion or furniture design.
  • Explore the timeless versatility of this material popularized by Coco Chanel that continues to be widely used today.

Discovering Bouclé: A Fabric Overview

  5 colors of bouclé fabric

Bouclé fabric, a multi-layered material composed of natural fibers, is famed for its nubbly and fleecy texture. Its unique appearance adds visual intrigue to any otherwise plain space or item. In the design world, this textured fabric is highly sought after for its ability to add visual interest to a room or piece, transforming it from neutral to a dimensional accessory.

Bouclé fabric’s main function is to provide added detail to other textiles using its unique yarn. Typically, it’s used to enhance other fabrics, serving as furniture trim or woven into apparel for an extra touch of texture. Once a bolt of bouclé fabric is produced, the rewards of its unique texture, created by the loose strand in the yarn, become immediately apparent.

The Origins of Bouclé Fabric

 Pink Eero Saarinen Womb Chair
Eero Saarinen Womb Chair

The history of bouclé fabric, from its European roots to its rise in popularity with iconic furniture pieces like Eero Saarinen’s Womb chair, is a fascinating journey. Florence Knoll and Eero Saarinen were responsible for the introduction of bouclé fabric to the US, making it the internet’s favorite fabric. The Womb chair, designed by Eero Saarinen, was instrumental in this regard, showcasing the beauty of bouclé fabric on elegant chairs.

(Editor's Note: Credit for Florence Knoll Image: New York Times ; and Credit for Eero Saarinen Image: Encyclopedia Britannica

Coco Chanel also played a role in popularizing bouclé fabric, utilizing it in her renowned tweed suits and jackets. The association with such iconic designers and furniture pieces has solidified bouclé’s position as an enduring and versatile fabric choice in both the fashion and design industries.

The Composition of Bouclé Fabric

How it's made: Bouclé Yarn

Bouclé fabric consists of two strands of bouclé yarn, where one strand is held under tension while the other is left loose to form loops. Its production involves intertwining varied thicknesses and lengths of yarn, which gives the fabric an irregular look, making it one of the most unique bouclé fabrics.

This looped yarn is crafted from a variety of materials, including:

  • wool
  • silk
  • cotton
  • linen

Some types, such as cotton and linen, can even be machine washed. Bouclé yarns are produced from a variety of loops, including those with large circlets and those with small curls, making them perfect for creating cozy pillows.

The composition of boucle yarn, which consists of various loops ranging from large circlets to tiny curls, creates a soft, heathered appearance, making it a perfect accent fabric. And a note to all pet lovers - they love the softness of this fabric but it isn't very pet friendly, unless, of course, you buy them a bouclé bed!

The Unique Qualities of Bouclé

Bouclé fabric, as seen in the white bench above, stands out for its textured surface, comforting feel, and ability to add visual appeal to any space. With a wide variety of bouclé fabrics available, you can find the perfect option to suit your needs.

In the ensuing discussion, we’ll explore the three key traits that distinguish bouclé from other fabrics: its pleasing, comfortable texture, its durability and longevity, and its sound absorption capabilities.

Soft and Comfortable

Bouclé fabric’s soft, fluffy texture provides both a pleasant touch and comfort. Its permeable nature maintains a comfortable temperature in the summer, while its dense composition provides insulation in the winter. Furniture pieces with curved edges are particularly suitable for pairing with silky bouclé fabric, as they complement its plush and inviting appearance.

Whether it’s used to upholster a sofa or create a cozy pillow, bouclé fabric adds a touch of warmth and luxury to any space. Its inviting, tactile quality makes it the perfect choice for bringing comfort and style to your home.

Durable and Long-lasting

Not only is Bouclé fabric pleasing to the touch, but it also boasts remarkable durability and wear resistance. This ensures its longevity, even in high-traffic areas of your home. The benefits of Bouclé fabric include:

  • Woven loop construction
  • Quality materials used in manufacture
  • Does not mat or bunch up like other fabrics
  • Sheds less

These factors contribute to the extremely durable and longevity of Bouclé fabric.

Even synthetic bouclé fabrics can be durable if they are of superior quality. Regardless of the type, bouclé’s durability makes it a practical and long-lasting choice for home furnishings, ensuring that your investment in this beautiful fabric pays off for years to come.

Acoustic Absorption

Beyond its aesthetic and tactile appeal, bouclé fabric also exhibits sound absorption capabilities. This means that it can help reduce noise in a room by absorbing sound energy and converting it into another form of energy, such as heat.

The ability to diminish the reverberation of sound in a room makes bouclé fabric a valuable addition to any space where tranquility and serenity are desired.

Versatility of Bouclé Fabric

Bouclé fabric’s versatility shines through in its numerous applications in both fashion and home décor. It can be employed for:

  • Draping window treatments
  • Upholstery fabric on sleek, modern sofas
  • Upholstery fabric on soft, curvy armchairs
  • Upholstering accent chairs

Its unique texture and comforting feel make it an ideal choice for various purposes and styles.

In the fashion world, bouclé fabric has been used to craft comfortable outerwear such as coats and jackets, as well as more formal garments like couture suits. The versatility of bouclé fabric ensures that it remains a beloved and enduring choice for designers and homeowners alike.

Choosing and Caring for Bouclé Fabric

Choosing and caring for bouclé fabric involves several considerations. In our subsequent discussion, we’ll provide tips on selecting the ideal bouclé fabric and guide you through its proper care and maintenance, including material-specific washing instructions.

Selecting the Perfect Bouclé

When choosing a bouclé fabric, it’s important to consider factors such as texture, color, and suitability for the intended use. The soft, looped texture of bouclé fabric is one of its most appealing features, so be sure to select a fabric that feels pleasant to the touch. Additionally, consider choosing a color that is complementary to the purpose for which the fabric is intended.

It’s also crucial to evaluate the weight, durability, and other characteristics of the fabric to determine if it is suitable for the intended purpose. By taking these factors into account, you can ensure that you select the perfect bouclé fabric for your needs.

Caring for Your Bouclé

Maintaining the beauty and longevity of your bouclé fabric requires proper care and maintenance. Bouclé made from wool is typically recommended to be dry-cleaned only. Bouclé fabric, made from materials such as cotton and linen, is relatively more durable. It can even withstand an occasional machine wash.

When caring for your bouclé fabric furniture, it’s important to:

  • Address spills immediately
  • Use minimal amounts of water
  • Avoid using household cleaning solutions
  • Abstain from utilizing any abrasive materials
  • Clean the sofa sparingly, while also catching pet hair to maintain its appearance

We wrote a detailed blog on caring for boucle chairs. Here is the link to that article:

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By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your bouclé fabric remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Bouclé Fabric in the Fashion World

Coco Chanel

(Editor's Note: Coco Chanel image from

Bouclé fabric, as previously mentioned, has a rich fashion history, notably through its association with Coco Chanel. Chanel popularized bouclé in the 1920s and utilized the fabric to craft her renowned tweed suits and jackets, which have remained a staple of fashion ever since.

Today, bouclé fabric continues to be a popular choice in contemporary designs, showcasing its timeless appeal and versatility. Bouclé fabric is often utilized in fashion to craft comfortable outerwear such as coats and jackets, as well as more formal garments like couture suits. Its unique texture and comforting feel make it a beloved choice for designers, who continue to find innovative ways to incorporate bouclé into their creations.

Bouclé Fabric in Furniture Design

Furniture designers too have adopted bouclé fabric, drawn by its unique aesthetics and comforting feel. Iconic pieces like the Womb chair by Eero Saarinen and Florence Knoll sofas showcase the beauty of bouclé fabric on elegant chairs. Bouclé’s distinctive texture and inviting atmosphere make it a popular choice for upholstering.

  • Accent chairs
  • Sofas
  • Pillows
  • Dining chairs
  • Ottomans
  • And more

The combination of bouclé’s soft, textured surface with its durability and acoustic absorption properties makes it an ideal choice for furniture design. As a result, bouclé fabric continues to be a sought-after material for both classic and contemporary furnishings.

FAQs Sign

What material is bouclé made of?

Bouclé is a fabric derived from the French word meaning “curled” or “ringed”, made from looped fibers most commonly wool, but also cotton, linen and silk.

What is bouclé fabric used for?

Bouclé fabric is often used as an accent fabric or a textured accessory paired with other fabrics, making it an ideal choice to add dimension and texture to furniture pieces.

It can be used to upholster chairs, sofas, ottomans, and other furniture pieces, and can be used to create a variety of looks, from traditional to modern. It is also a great choice for accent pillows and throws.

Does boucle get dirty easily?

Bouclés are relatively easy to clean and maintain, as linen and cotton bouclés can be machine-washed, while other types of bouclés like upholstery can be cleaned with a cloth soaked in warm, soapy water or vacuumed.

See our article on cleaning boucle dining chairs for detailed instructions.

What makes bouclé fabric unique compared to other fabrics?

Bouclé’s soft texture, comforting feel, durability, and acoustic absorption properties make it unique compared to other fabrics.

It is often used in upholstery, curtains, and other home décor items, as well as clothing and accessories. Its versatility makes it a popular choice for many applications.

Plus, bouclé fabric is beautiful.

How should I care for my bouclé fabric furniture?

When caring for your bouclé fabric furniture, it is important to address spills immediately, use minimal amounts of water, and avoid household cleaning solutions and abrasive materials. Doing so will help ensure that your furniture remains in good condition for years to come. Again we refer you to our article on cleaning white bouclé dining chairs. Those steps can also be used for other bouclé upholstered furniture.

Bouclé Fabric Summary

From its origins in European fashion to its widespread use in modern furniture design, bouclé fabric has proven itself as a versatile and enduring material. Its unique characteristics, including its soft and comfortable feel, durability, and acoustic absorption properties, make it a popular choice for both fashion and home décor.

As you explore the world of bouclé fabric, you’ll discover its infinite possibilities and endless applications. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy pillow, an elegant chair, or a statement-making piece of clothing, bouclé fabric is the perfect choice to elevate your designs and bring comfort, style, and visual interest to any space.

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